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The Important Things

I'll admit it.  I totally have anxiety about spending time away from my baby. Our financial situation necessitated me going back to work after Theodore's birth.  We tried really hard to figure out a way from me to stay home with Theodore but it always came back to the fact that life would just be… Continue reading The Important Things

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Theodore – Month 4

My sweet little boy, Theodore, turned 4 months old on Friday!   I left work early Friday to meet my hubby and baby at the clinic for Theodore's 4 month immunizations.  Before he had his first full round of immunizations at 2 months I asked the doctor why it was so important to do so… Continue reading Theodore – Month 4

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Crowdfunding Babies?!

The day before Mother's Day a Facebook friend posted a picture of her and her husband out for dinner with another couple with the hashtags #infertilitysucks and #ttccommunity.  So many feelings rushed through my head when I saw this photo.  I was happy that they were making the best of a bad situation.  I felt… Continue reading Crowdfunding Babies?!

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The Registry Low-Down

I can't believe how many people I've met in the IF community have finally gotten their BFPs lately!  I'm so excited for them and wanted to share a few baby items that we loved since making a baby registry can be daunting, even if you've been planning it for years, trust me! If you like… Continue reading The Registry Low-Down

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Theodore’s Closet – April 2016

These are some of the looks I've been swooning over lately.   I've been trying to cut back my purchases but some of this stuff is too cute!  The grey Oshkosh B'Gosh sweater is for his 4 month photos in May and the H&M anchor overalls are for his 7 month photos in August.  I'm… Continue reading Theodore’s Closet – April 2016