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Fall Fun

Two weekends ago we finally went pumpkin picking.  Even though Teddy is almost 2 years old this is the first time we've been.  Last October was really rough with two deaths in our family and the last thing we were thinking about was pumpkins.  So this year we knew we had to make it a… Continue reading Fall Fun

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Replacing my Wedding Rings

A while back I lost my engagement ring and wedding band.  I didn't panic because 1) we had insurance and 2) I was SO sure it had to be lost somewhere in our house.  When we sold our house 3 months ago I combed through everything with a fine tooth comb and the ring did… Continue reading Replacing my Wedding Rings

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My Triangle Family

I haven't given an update on trying to conceive in a while so here goes... My last month of Clomid did not result in a pregnancy.  Since I had such a bad reaction to the Clomid that month we've decided to just let things play out naturally for the time being.  We know that this… Continue reading My Triangle Family