5 Months of Hope, 5 Months of Sadness

It's so crazy how infertility fucks with your head. Every month my husband and I keep having this conversation about how much we love our son, how fulfilled we are, how we really don't need to have another child, how we wonder how we'd even function as a family of 4 with a crazy toddler.  Also… Continue reading 5 Months of Hope, 5 Months of Sadness


A Very Southern Christmas

A week ago my husband, son and I went to pick out our Christmas tree in t-shirts.  That is definitely a first for us coming from Wisconsin.  Apparently the winter weather is a little more forgiving here in North Carolina.  Haha! So we pick out a tree farm in the country outside the North end… Continue reading A Very Southern Christmas

Stuff I Love!

Daily Goodie Box November 2017 Review

Have you guys heard of the Daily Goodie Box?  This company puts together a TOTALLY FREE box of samples each month and just asks that you return to their website to leave a review of the products you were sent. Anyone can sign up and when I say free, I mean free.  There are no… Continue reading Daily Goodie Box November 2017 Review

Stuff I Love!

5 Awesome Toddler Christmas Gifts

I know it's early to start talking Christmas but I like to get my shopping taken care of before the crazy Christmas rush.  That also leaves me plenty of time to wrap all my presents and get them under the tree.  I love walking into my living room to the smell of a Christmas tree… Continue reading 5 Awesome Toddler Christmas Gifts

Stuff I Love!

Frugal Friday #2

I wish I could be an extreme couponers that gets a week's worth of groceries for my family for like $17, but alas, I am not.  I am also not one of the crunchy mom's who only feed their children granola and organic veggies.  Not that I'm against either of those things but somedays I… Continue reading Frugal Friday #2


Foster Parents?

In 2015, back when we still lived in Wisconsin, we started looking into becoming foster parents.  At that point we had been trying to conceive for 18 months and had nothing to show for it except an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in the loss of my left fallopian tube and ovary. My husband and I… Continue reading Foster Parents?