#41- Be married to the same person for 50 years

It’s probably a little disturbing that I think contemplating divorce is a totally natural occurrence.  In fact, my husband of 15 months sometimes gets upset about my divorce “plans.”  Not that I actually do have such plans but I’ve seen so many acrimonious divorces I am convinced I need to circumvent that somehow.  My way of doing it is probably unconventional.  I say things like “if we get divorced we need to be on the same page, our kids can’t have cell phones until they are old enough to pay for them themselves.”  Not only do I not have plans to get divorced, I also have no children as of yet.

I’ve often wondered what it is exactly that makes me think this way.  Maybe it’s because the national divorce rate hovers around 50%.  I often find myself looking at another couple and wondering if it will be “them” or “us” that makes it.  Maybe it’s because my mom is the only one of seven children that has not been divorced.  Or because Disney movies give children an unrealistic expectation of what marriage should be.  I mean really?!  Happily Ever After?  Shouldn’t our children know that relationships require work, sacrifices, or at the very least at little bit of maintenance?

Or maybe the real reason is I’m a quitter.  I gave up playing the flute in fourth grade.  I gave up playing the viola in fifth grade.  Around junior high I completely forgot my love of writing.  My freshman year of high school I had nearly a 4.0 because I was convinced I wanted to go to an ivy league college–that lasted just the one year.  I must have changed my mind about 5 times on what major I wanted to have in college and ended up just picking the thing I could finish the soonest (Psychology, you can guess how well that worked out for me).  I’ve bought books to study for the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) and began studying on several occasions but soon gave up and have never register to take the test so I guess I’ve given up on the idea of attending law school as well.

Every time some little piece of adversity comes my way I feel like quitting and occasionally that carries over to my marriage.  The difference being that now that I’m 29 years old I can look back and I am disappointed with myself that I never carried through with those plans.  I refuse to let the same thing happen with my marriage.  I married an amazing man.  No matter how awesome I consider myself I am not disillusioned enough to believe I’m an easy person to love.  He stands by me when I’m cranky (often), sick (he spent the whole day Sunday cleaning up vomit and bringing me glasses of water while I had food poisoning) and lazy (I’ve gotten up for the middle of the night puppy potty break only twice in the almost month we’ve had our new puppy).  And for all of this I am adding #41 to my bucket list: Be married to the same person for 50 years.


I <3 Corgis

I know I put own a Bernese mountain dog on my bucket list but being that I live in a two bedroom condo that I already share with my husband, his cat, and my dog it’s really just not feasible for us to get one right now.  But we have been talking for at least the last year about getting a puppy.  We both love dogs and we’ve never really had the experience of raising anything together so we thought why not?  With any large breeds out (smallish home, no fenced-in yard) we started brainstorming.

It turns out that both of us had separately thought about getting a corgi before we even knew each other.  After a few more weeks of searching for breeders we finally found a really nice farmer that had some Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies.  So we drove to a rural Wisconsin town to “take a look” at these adorable little creatures.  I should have known we’d end up with one for sure I can barely exit the local pet store without finding a puppy I just have-to-have.

So home with us came our new puppy, Nora.  Being that corgis are a herding breed this little girl is both smart and sassy.  She’s not afraid to give us a few barks when she doesn’t feel like we’re paying enough attention to her, no matter that we just spent the last half an hour trying to train her how to lay.  Which, by the way, I think she finally got today.  Proud mama for sure!

Bonus: If you like cute corgis as much as I do check this out!