3 Things that Surprised Me When I Became a Mom

Some people know from their childhood or teenage years that they want to a mom someday.  I was not one of those people at all.  I was about 24 years old before I started to concede that yes, someday, I might want to have a baby.

By the time I met my now-husband at 26, I “knew” that I would “for sure” have a family someday.  But being that I wasn’t one of those born-to-be-a-mom women I was really surprised by a few things when I had Theodore.

  1. Everyone will tell you this but I feel like it’s impossible to really wrap your head around it until you are a parent.  The love you feel for your child is so weirdly unconditional.  I love him when he is happy and smiling and giggling.  I love him the same amount when it’s an hour past his bedtime and he won’t sleep and keeps crying – not because he’s soiled or hungry but because he simply wants attention.  If anyone else in your life acted the way a small child does you’d probably drop them like a bad habit, but when it’s your kid, you’re fairly ok with building a life around their whims.
  2. All the stuff they said would come naturally actually does.  You don’t sleep through baby cries and it doesn’t matter how tired you are somehow your body is able to propel itself out of your comfy bed every time your baby needs you.  I was even fighting a terrible infection and had a very large open wound after surgery so when I say I was exhausted, it was a whole new level of exhausted but I never slept through a cry.
  3. Both my husband and I love watching Theodore learn.  I never would have guessed that would be as exciting as it is.  For the past couple months he’s been running his hand over everything.  He likes to feel everything with both the top and bottom of his hand.  It’s like he’s cataloging all the new textures- the cotton of his burp cloth, the fleece of my blanket, the muslin of his swaddles, the textured chair fabric in his room.  You can see it on his face when he’s like “That’s new!”  He received an activity center during one of my baby showers and when we first put him in it at around 4 months he just sat there and stared and would cry to get out after a couple minutes. Now at a little over 5 months, he’s learned to use several of the toys and can entertain himself for quite awhile.  It’s stuff that I know,is interesting to no one but us but it totally makes our day.

The Great Purge Has Begun

This week I started going through my closet because it was packed full of clothes, at least 80% of which either don’t fit, haven’t been stylish for a long time, or are stained.  We had an issue with our washing machine awhile back and tons of our clothes ended up with stains.  Some of them eventually washed out after many washings but there were a few pieces I have held onto for years and hopefully threw into the washer on occasion only to be disappointed when they came out still stained.

I love being a mom but my life is different now.  I simply don’t have the time to stand in front of my closet for 20 minutes each morning looking through tons of clothes that just don’t work for me anymore.  My little boy is a pretty good sleeper but he also has a good internal alarm clock which usually gets him about about 20 minutes before I would otherwise wake him each day.  Since I’m now getting ready with a baby crying for my attention it’s time to do something about my mess of a closet!  I’ve already purged about half the items that need to go, the rest I will hopefully get to this weekend.

But now the hard part begins.  I have to rebuild my closet on a very limited budget now that baby boy is eating up all our discretionary income (and then some!).  I have tried rebuilding my wardrobe in the past but stores have such a terrible selection of plus sized clothing and I get super overwhelmed with choices online so I usually just give up after a few days of not being able to decided.

I did find three shirts this week which I am excited about (two of them are below).  I think I’m also going to try some leggings or jeggings for the first time.  Well the first time since I was about seven which is the last time leggings were cool!  Haha.

It’s felt nice doing something for myself for once.  I’m kind of sick of being “that mom” running around in sweat pants with greasy hair.  I wouldn’t trade Theodore for anything in the world but I’m definitely experiencing whole new levels of exhaustion.

First Foods

I was just sitting here thinking how different life is as a mom. I was always the person who saw baby photos on Facebook and kept on scrolling, I might have even hid a few people that got really out of control.

Now I’m the proud mom. I try not to share every moment of life with baby but getting to feed Theodore his first “solid” food seemed exciting enough to share with the world.

Last night we gave Theodore oatmeal for the first time. He was unimpressed with the oatmeal but decided spoons are a fun toy. Our second attempt was this afternoon. He liked the oatmeal but he’s still figuring out the swallowing piece. He definitely ended up with more on him than in him!  Especially since in his eagerness to get more into his mouth as quickly as possible he knocked the little bowl out of my hand.

This photo was taken about two minutes before he drenched his pants.  I learned my lesson though and the next batch I put his tray on the high chair, which managed to catch most of what didn’t end up in his mouth or on his face.

Teddy’s Closet – June 2016

Finding fun, fashionable clothing for little boys isn’t impossible but it does seem to require significantly more digging than finding cute clothes for baby girls.  Even more importantly is finding clothes that fit into our budget.  We now have to pay for child care, diapers, wipes, formula, clothing, toys, etc. and we have to do it all on the same income we were living on pre-baby.  So when I say I’m looking for affordable clothing I don’t mean like $75 for a pair of jeans.  All prices are currently between $7 and $19.99!

Some of these have already made their way home with us (the Carter’s romper, AC/DC onesie, and Oshkosh B’gosh bibs) and others are on my wish list to be fulfilled as our budget allows.

Something tells me the hubby is going to be OK with me buying the Batman t-shirt as well…

A Memorial Day Weekend to Remember

Trust me when I say that my life in general and my relationship with my husband is not always sunshine and roses. But I do believe that we try to put our best foot forward in the name of love.  Some days we fall short of one another’s expectations and other days, like today, we knock it out of the park.

I love my husband every single day even when I’m so frustrated I can barely speak.  But today is a day that my love for my husband is so full it spills out all over.



Adam & Theodore / Memorial Day 2016 / Blakesburg, IA

My sweet husband, who is still healing from a very large blot clot in his leg, drove me and our 4 month old baby, 280 miles from our home in Wisconsin to my parent’s home in Iowa.  I haven’t gotten to spend more than a couple hours with my mom since the week of Theodore’s birth when she stayed at our house to take care of our pets.  We expected to have lots of time bonding with our baby and that she would have lots of time to get to know her new grandson but unfortunately he was not discharged from the NICU until 5 days after she had to go back to work. Continue reading