One Year Old

My little boy turned one last Friday.  It’s so incredible how much children change in the first year.  When we brought him home he was so tiny and helpless and now he’s a fully formed little human with his own thoughts and personality.

He’s so bubbly and happy and sweet and luckily for mom and dad he’s sleeping better through the night as of late.  We transitioned him from formula to whole milk this week and he seems to be doing great with it so we’re pretty happy not to have to buy any more formula.  We’ve been working on transitioning from the bottle to a sippy cup for the last couple of months.  He regularly drinks water out of the cup but takes his milk from a bottle still.  He loves to suck out water and then spit it back out on his shirt, which I hear is pretty common at this age.  Hopefully in the next month or so we can totally kick the bottle.

Last Saturday was his birthday party, it was a “Wild One” themed party based around the book “Where The Wild Things Are.”  His paternal grandma made him a little Funfetti smash cake and a double layer birthday cake.  His maternal grandma and great-grandma came up on his birthday and took us out to lunch and then helped me get ready for the party.  I was really happy that everyone was able to come except my husband’s grandma who wasn’t feeling well enough to come from Indiana.

We bought him a tricycle with a little name plate and a bell.  He loves to ring the bell while we push him around on it.  He also got tons of new toys from our family and a surprisingly good start to a savings account.  I hope we can teach him to be responsible with money and to save for the things he wants, and also help him save for college so that he doesn’t graduate in as much debt as we did.

Theodore has been walking around holding onto furniture and people for about 2 months now and in the last few weeks has been venturing out to taking a few free standing steps.  But right around the time of his birthday he truly became a full fledged walker.  If he can find something to pull himself up on he walks and it doing a really good job with balance.  I feel like a geek but it’s so exciting to see him walk from the front door to the kitchen.

We truly love his boy more than we ever thought possible.  Happy 1st Birthday Theodore!





My Goals #20: Buy A House (Progress at Last!)

I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve written but fall has been incredibly hard for me.  At the end of August we lost our pregnancy which was devastating.  We decided to shelve any potential plans for baby #2.  At the beginning of October we lost my grandpa, who I was very close to, which has made the holidays very difficult.  Barely more than a week after we buried him, my youngest’s brother’s long-term girlfriend passed away at the age of 26.  So to say my family had a rough fall season is an understatement and to be honest I really didn’t have anything positive or uplifting to say for while there.  But that has changed!

About 4 years ago when we first got married, my husband and I put his town-house style condo on the market but the market was terrible and we never sold.  Now that the market has rebounded we’ve decided it’s time to try this again!

Yesterday we met with a relator and looked at a nice sized home about 20 minutes from where we live now.  While that house looked promising, it’s not quite the dream house we thought it would be so we’re continuing to look but we’re so excited to get this going!  Our goal is to put our home on the market in 2 weeks after Theodore’s 1st birthday party.

We’re probably biting off a little more than we can chew with a 2 week goal because with a baby and 2 dogs our house is a disaster!  Plus we have to finish planning and buying things for Theodore’s party.  At least my mom and grandma are coming up a day early to help me set up and prepare the food and my mother in law has done a lot helping with decorations.