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Someone Take Away My Credit Card

When I found out I was pregnant I imaged dressing my baby up in cute little dresses with matching headbands.  I hoped for a girl simply because baby boys clothes are pretty much awful.  What is with everything having either a zoo animal (usually a monkey) or a fire truck? It only took a couple… Continue reading Someone Take Away My Credit Card


Week 9: Complete Exhaustion

For the last several years all I could think about was becoming a mom.  I made all these plans for what my child will and won't be like, how we will parent, etc.  But now that baby is here I'm finding it very difficult to live up to my own high expectations.  I was against… Continue reading Week 9: Complete Exhaustion

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Families Come in All Sizes

A few weeks ago my husband and I were just snuggling into bed when he said the words I can imagine any woman with infertility issues fears.  He looked at our son and said "I love this little guy so much.  I feel like we're a family now."  A sweet sentiment, no doubt, but my… Continue reading Families Come in All Sizes

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The Man Behind It All

My husband has a lot of virtues- he's kind, he's fairly patient, he's a better friend to pretty much everyone than they are to him, and he's shaping up to be a pretty good dad.  But man does he get stir crazy! I like to spend my time off of work relaxing.  I'll watch some… Continue reading The Man Behind It All


Life Postpartum

  Today was my postpartum OB/GYN visit.  At nearly 8 weeks post baby I figured better late than never but seriously ALL I've done since having Theodore is doctor and nurse visits to monitor the wound from my formerly infected c-section incision. To be honest the visit today didn't really go the way I envisioned...… Continue reading Life Postpartum

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Gone but not Forgotten

Our first baby that we lost was due in early March 2015.  It's a little crazy to think if circumstances would have worked out differently we would be the parents of a 1 year old right now. At the time it was the worst thing that ever happened to me.  I couldn't fathom wanting a… Continue reading Gone but not Forgotten