The Baby Purge

About two months ago we bought our new home. It’s a 2000ish sq ft brick ranch. So not a huge house by any means but plenty big for the three of us. Or at least it should be.

Many years ago the two car attached garage was converted into living space. Personally I’d rather have the garage but since the weather is pretty good in North Carolina garages are uncommon unless you have a new build which we weren’t interested in.

Currently that converted space has the laundry and a “den” with a fireplace. Eventually this space will mostly be the office/man cave but right now it is stuffed with boxes full of things we mostly don’t use anymore. A ton of which is Teddy’s baby stuff.

I had no idea how much unused stuff we still had because my in-laws volunteered to keep most of it until we bought a new home. Now that we have it’s ALL HERE. Infant car seat, pack and play, crib, bouncer, swing, activity center, and literally at least a dozen boxes and totes full of tiny clothes.

I have to get rid of it. I just do. But I have this feeling that getting rid of it is permanently putting a nail in the coffin of having a second child. At 33 years old I’ve accepted that it probably won’t happen but I’m still not ready to say it never will.

Most days anymore I don’t even want another. My son is the light of my life but he’s so much work and I don’t think I could manage him and a tiny baby. But still, making the decision to for sure stop at 33 still seems wrong.

If you’ve done “the purge” let me know how it went. Do you regret it or are you going happy it’s gone?


1 thought on “The Baby Purge”

  1. I was always open to having 2 kids, but due to me being high risk pregnancy….we have accepted with just 1 kid. If it happens that I do get pregnant again, its cool too. The “purge” happened as soon as my son grew out of things. I dont like clutterness or using a room as storage. If we have another kid, will just buy again.

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