Marriage, Theodore

Topsail Beach Trip

A couple weeks ago my husband’s parents, sister and her family came to visit us in North Carolina.  Since they weren’t sure when they’d be able to come back my sister in law really wanted to go to the beach for a couple of days.  So my mother in law found this beach front motel on Topsail Beach and away we went for the weekend.

The beach was gorgeous and we had so much fun with Teddyzilla, the sandcastle crushing toddler I call my son.  The only downside was we were in a 3rd floor walkup room with a toddler and two dogs.  My husband definitely got his cardio in each day.


While my in-laws were busy on the beach getting sunburned, my fair skinned family took a break from the sun.  We went to visit a local brewery called the Salty Turtle.  The beer was really good and we took a Kolsch crowler and a pint glass back with us.  We sat on our little balcony and drank the crowler while listening to the ocean that night.  So relaxing.

We also did our own low country boil while we were there.  There is a steam pot company that you can buy the pot, seasonings, veggies and meat/seafood and take it home and boil it.  My husband boiled it on one of the motel’s grills.  I have to admit it was pretty good even though I don’t eat seafood and I was a little salty because it took MUCH longer than expected to cook so we missed out on a lot of beach time that evening.

I’d definitely like to go back to Topsail with my little family again.  Vacationing with our extended family was fun but not as relaxing as when it’s just the three of us.

As we get closer and closer to fall I miss the Midwest more but I sure love living 2 hours from the beach!  My new life goal is to have a second home closer to the beach someday.


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