Baby, Theodore

Theodore – Month 4


My sweet little boy, Theodore, turned 4 months old on Friday!  

I left work early Friday to meet my hubby and baby at the clinic for Theodore’s 4 month immunizations.  Before he had his first full round of immunizations at 2 months I asked the doctor why it was so important to do so many at once.  She gave me some blanket answer about why immunizations, in general, are so important and that he needs to be kept on schedule, etc, etc.  So basically, it seemed the answer was her time is more valuable than ours so they need to be done all at once.   I really like her, she’s a very good pediatrician, but in the future I think I’m going to decide what is best for my son, and that might be spacing them out a bit.

He actually took those 2 month immunizations like a champ.  He just went home and slept it off.  But his 4 month immunizations seemed to bother him a lot more.  It took us 2 1/2 hours to get him down to sleep that night.  He was so fussy and nothing seemed to helped so eventually we gave him a little tylenol and I let him fall asleep in his swing, which I have never done before (except a day-time nap).  My good sleeper woke up at least 4 times during the night.  Twice he was able to put himself back to sleep but twice I had to get up and feed him.  We’ve only had to get up with him two nights in the past 6 weeks or so, not counting Friday night, so we were really like “what is going on kid?!”

I’m sure some of the issue is the dreaded 4 month sleep regression.  I can tell his sleep is definitely changing and overall becoming a little lighter.  He’s not the sleepy newborn that can nap in loud restaurants or sleep through the dogs barking anymore.  I’m glad he’s becoming more of a little person but hey – mama’s gotta sleep!

So month 4…what has the kid been up to?

He has started to have a very definite laugh and he often squeals when he gets excited.  He learned how to splash in the tub, which is the more adorable thing I’ve ever seen but literally leaves me completely soaked!  Hubs and I went on the Maid of the Mist a few years ago (the boat that goes down around Niagara Falls).  I have kept the ponchos all this time because it was a stop on our honeymoon and I might have to drag them out for bath time!

Theodore becomes bored easily and wants to be talked to, held, and played with pretty much all his waking hours.  It’d be annoying if he wasn’t the cutest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.  It makes getting ready for work in the morning very difficult though because he’s taken to waking up a little before I need to get up.

He still likes his swing but also has recently started to enjoy his Finding Nemo bouncer.  Last month he would only let us cradle him to feed him but this month he seems to be enjoying the cuddles much more, which make me a happy mama!  His hand-eye coordination has improved greatly and he’s starting to like to play with toys.

Two weeks ago I got to celebrate my first Mother’s Day with Theodore.  My husband got up and got us donuts and made mimosas.  We went out for lunch that day at one of our favorite new pizza places and then the three of us headed over to a nursery to pick out flowers for my new flower pot.  I got at least one of each of the pansy varieties because they remind of my grandma who always grew them.

We got professional photos taken last weekend in honor of him being 4 months old.  He was absolutely not having it and I’m shocked that the photographer, Rachel, was able to get any good photos from it.  There are definitely a few where he looks annoyed, apprehensive, or on the verge of tears but there were actually quite a few good ones too.  I was still a bit disappointed though because he has been SO smiley lately and we couldn’t get very many smiles out of him during photos.  They just seemed kind of unrepresentative of his personality .

Lastly, little boy has had some skin issues since he was a few weeks old.  It’s pretty normal stuff- dry skin, eczema, and cradle cap.  The doctor gave him a prescription for a cream and we saw huge improvements with just one application which is great!  So we’re keeping that up twice a day for the next few weeks.  I’m so glad it’s making a difference.



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