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Buying a House?

As if we aren’t crazy enough to be having a second child (I mean really?  Do we HATE sleep?) we are also in the process of buying our first home since our move to North Carolina.

The real estate market in Raleigh-Durham is completely insane!  If you don’t see a house and make an offer the day it goes on the market then you might as well not bother.  We (finally!) had an accepted offer on a home which I think was our 7th or 8th offer in about 2.5 months.

We were so excited because this house, on the surface, was everything we really wanted.  In a Raleigh suburb with good schools, large flat, fenced yard, in a mature neighborhood, a brick ranch, a older house with character, some recent updates like a brand new roof and new HVAC system.  But we got some disturbing news at our inspection.  It looks like at some point a load bearing wall was removed and now needs to be replaced with a beam, there are multiple plumbing issues that need to be resolved, and there are a couple bricks that have a horizontal crack in the mortar.  Hopefully since it is literally only 2 bricks on a house that is 59 years old it won’t be something to worry about and is just normal aging/settling but we are having a structural engineer look at it because we really need them to check the missing wall anyway.  There were a bunch of other small things that we will address with time but honestly there are going to be things wrong on old houses so we’re taking most of that in stride.

We were originally suppose to close on April 27th but the sellers have agreed to push back our closing and due diligence period several weeks so we can get contractors out to look at the house and give estimates.  Hopefully they will work with us on getting these major issues fixed so that we can close and move into our new house.

These last couple weeks since I’ve found out I was pregnant I have been so antsy to get into our new house.  I want to get some of the things we love out of storage and start cleaning and getting ready all of my son’s baby stuff for the new baby.  I’m getting nervous about not having all the things we need for the baby, even though I’m not quite 9 weeks yet, because my husband’s parents are storing it in Indiana and it’s not like they come to visit all the time.  I’m sure it will all work out in the end but still I have a lot of anxiety about it all.


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