Short TTC update

Last night I took my 5th and final Clomid pill for this cycle.  I decided to switch things up and take it CD3-CD7 this time which I have never done before.  I’ve gotten pregnant twice on CD5-CD9 so I’m nervous about changing.  On the flip side, I’ve also had 3 cycles where I didn’t get pregnant so I thought it was worth a try to change this cycle.

Supposedly, taking Clomid on day 3 creates more follicles but some of them are less mature follicles.  Day 5 is supposed to have less follicles but they are more mature, some say their is a lower change of miscarriage on this date but I don’t know if that can be verified.

I’m going to start breaking out my good OPKS on CD12 I think.  The earliest I’ve ever ovulated is CD19 so even with taking the medication a few days earlier I think I’ll be safe.  I should just probably buy some cheap OPKs but to be honest I find them hard to read.  I spend so much time scrutinizing the shade of the line.  Getting a smiley face or an empty circle is so much easier it’s worth the premium price to me, and I’m a pretty frugal person.

Of course my in-laws are going to be visiting around the time I should be either taking a pregnancy test or getting AF.  Either way, I really wish they would have picked a different weekend but it will be nice to have Teddy’s grandparents around to celebrate his second birthday (albeit a week late) since they had a party to attend that was more important than being present for Teddy’s actual birthday.

Can you tell I’m not that excited to have to celebrate his birthday a third time?  We had already planned a second party when my family visits next month.  Whatever, I guess anything is worth it to make my only living child happy.  I’ll probably make a quick Instagram and/or Twitter update when I test but I don’t think I’ll be able to update my blog until after they leave.



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