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My Triangle Family

I haven’t given an update on trying to conceive in a while so here goes…

My last month of Clomid did not result in a pregnancy.  Since I had such a bad reaction to the Clomid that month we’ve decided to just let things play out naturally for the time being.  We know that this will most likely not end in a new baby but TTC with fertility medications is hard on my body and the whole process is hard on our relationship.  I know that I’ve been happier in my marriage since the birth of our son and the break from TTC, I think it’s safe to say my husband would agree.

Besides the fact that it appears I can’t conceive another child, I’ve kind of been in love with my “Triangle Family” lately.  Since we’ve moved to North Carolina and I’ve become a stay at home mom, we’ve been getting out more.  It’s been a lot of fun exploring our new area.  We have more family time now that I stay home.  I used to spend 1.5 hours commuting a day to my job across town and Teddy went to daycare where he was constantly coming down with some illness and spreading it to us.  I look forward to exploring and family time on the weekends now instead of vegging out on the couch trying to relax because my work week was so stressful.

triangle family

Another reason I feel like I’ve been extra in love with my triangle family is two groups that I have joined on Facebook.  One is for parents of one child considering being “one and done.”  This group has a lot of my same feelings of being on the fence of should we or shouldn’t we so it’s nice to connect with people having the same feelings I am and being able to talk to them through.  Also they do a really good job stressing all the positive aspects of only having one child.

Here is a link to One and Done on the Fence in case you want to check it out.

The other group is One and Done (Not by Choice).  A lot of these ladies are like myself and have infertility or some other underlying medical condition to blame for their one and done status.  I like this group because I feel like everyone there knows how painful it is to want another child and not be able to have one.  I lot of these families have struggled with infertility for years and to see how much they love and cherish their “only” is heartwarming.

It’s really nice to find some like-minded people to connect with especially since I’ve recently moved to a new state and don’t have any friends here.


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