Bucket List, Marriage

10. Have a big yard for my kid and dogs to plan in

As of July 27, 2017 I can scratch this one off my list of goals!

My husband’s new job has brought us to North Carolina.  While we haven’t actually purchased a home here yet, the house we are renting in on half an acre.  We have a large fenced in back yard for the dogs and kiddo to roam freely.

The best part of this house is hands down the HUGE deck.  It’s seriously one of the largest decks I’ve ever seen and half is covered with lights and fans so it makes a great place to sit outside and relax.  I don’t think I’ve eaten dinner outside so many times in my whole life as I have in the last 8 weeks or so since moving to NC.

When we buy a new house a big yard is very high on our priority list.  My husband’s parents bought him a new lawn tractor and he is obsessed with mowing now.  Last night he was just going to put the new leaf chopping blades on and test them but ended up mowing the whole back yard because it needed it “really badly” (it didn’t!).  Between Hubs and the baby I have two kids in a candy store.  Ironically, the dogs could take or leave the big yard, they are total inside dogs!

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