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Today I went rogue.

I dipped into my expensive digital pregnancy tests…which in and of itself is sort of ridiculous. 

I’m not the person who buys a fancy pregnancy test because there is a good shot they’ll be pregnant in the first month or two. I’m the woman who needs the Amazon cheapies because who freaking knows how long it will take this time around. 

But today at 5dpo I broke out the fancy pregnancy tests because my boobs have legit been KILLING me all week and I was dying of curisity. Obviously 5dpo is extremely early, I’d say 10dpo is a fairly normal jumping off point for testing, so the test came back “not pregnant.”

I wasn’t surprised but I was curious. I literally took a butter knife and pried open the test to see if I could see a faint line.  Infertility has gotten to me. I think it’s finally drove me completely nuts. 


3 thoughts on “Rogue”

    1. Thanks. I definitely will. I knew it was so early I wasn’t even disappointed when it was negative. Although I’m already starting to have the only child conversation again. This round of Clomid was beyond rough on my body.

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