Working on Baby #2


So whether I get pregnant or not this month (or ever!) remains to be seen but it appears the Clomid is working.  I finally got my positive OPK on CD19, I think it may have actually began on the evening of CD18 because I had the same very full and tender feeling in my lower abdomen.  Fertility Friend (FF) is the app I use to track everything- my cycle, opks, intercourse, medications, and pregnancy test results.  According to FF I ovulated on the 20th.  I know technically the only way to confirm ovulation, besides a blood test, is temping but I had a lot of ovulation pain and I felt the twinges.

Also I’m a little worried I might have hyper-stimulated my ovaries a bit.  I was in so much pain from the evening of the 19th, well into the evening on 20th.  Before I had my first child I dreamed of having twins, my husband really wanted twins as well.  But now that I have a toddler that constantly keeps us on our toes I’m very worried about whether we would be able to handle twins, if that were to happen.  I know Clomid twins only happen in about 10% of Clomid pregnancies so the odds are against it but since I might have overstimulated and my son was originally a Clomid twin I’m a little concerned.

I’m am only 1dpo and am already annoying myself with possible pregnancy symptoms.  Seriously you’d swear this was my first month TTC and not like the 25th lol.  I actually moved my arm this morning and my nipple brushed my tank top and I was like “Holy crap that’s sore!  Maybe I’m pregnant!”  I’m guessing it’s more likely just a side effect from actually ovulating this month.  As I don’t normally ovulate on my own this is something different for me.  I’m making myself wait until at least 9dpo to test.  Really if I’m able to muster up some self control 10dpo is better.

Oh, who and I kidding?  I’ve been checking out cheapie pregnancy tests on Amazon all morning so I don’t have to feel bad being ridiculous and testing everyday.  Being that I only have some expensive tests in the house right now I’ll probably be able to keep it under control because I don’t want to waste the money!


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