What’s been happening lately…

Our little Teddy is 15 months already.  He’s smart, rambunctious, funny, sweet, and so incredibly exhausting!  Not in the wake you up in the middle of the night kind of exhausting, more like never stops running around or climbing things he shouldn’t.  Two days ago we were sitting on the couch and looked over and he’s sitting on our kitchen table playing with his toys I had picked up and set there earlier.


It’s hard to be mad at that cute face!  And yes, I do actually have that much junk on my table!

Other than Teddy life has been pretty “meh” lately.  We’ve put a few offers in on houses lately but didn’t get them, even the one we offered $7,000 over asking.  We were so sure it was going to be ours and started making all these plans to remodel it.  But I guess everything happens for a reason.

Two weeks ago we took off the whole week to get our house ready to put on the market.  We spent most of Monday working hard on cleaning until late afternoon when my husband started to receive a bunch of texts from people he worked with.  His company announced 600 layoffs that day.  And we hear that there may be another round coming up.  So we’ve backed off the house hunting but it’s really got us both bummed out.  We thought we’d have a house with a yard by late summer for Teddy and the dogs to play in and we’re really sad that we won’t have that.


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