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What a Rollercoaster Ride!

Between last Thursday and this Monday my beta hcg results only went up one point. As I geared up for a miscarriage, a nurse from my clinic called and asked me to come in for an ultrasound on Tuesday. They knew there was a good chance of not being able to see anything because the general rule is the ultrasound won’t detect a pregnancy with a hcg of less than 1500-2000 and I was just over 500. 

So Tuesday I show up expecting to not see anything at all or possibily an empty sac. But no. There was a little baby measuring 6 weeks 1 day and a teeny tiny flicker. Much to my surprise there is a baby, it is ALIVE and it had a very strong heartbeat at 127bpm. 

I still have a lot of risk factors for miscarriage: the low hormone levels are concerning, the baby had a very tiny sac, and the sac was low in the uterus. But for the time being I was told to precede like its a viable pregnancy and time will tell. 

I’ll have a repeat ultrasound in a week and if the baby is still looking good then they’ll consider the abnormally rising hormones a fluke. 


4 thoughts on “What a Rollercoaster Ride!”

  1. When I read your last post I started to tell you what my cousin went through, I quickly realized that it could lead to false hope so I opted against it. She went in for three weeks and they told her it wasn’t a viable pregnancy due to levels. They tried forcing her to take a shot to terminate and she refused. At 7 weeks she demanded an ultrasound and seen exactly what you seen. Baby measuring perfectly and heart just beating away! Miracles do happen and mistakes are made in labs. Come to find out it was their reading machine that reads the levels. Had she taken the shot it would have terminated a perfectly healthy pregnancy 🙂 I’m super excited for you!

    1. Thanks for sharing your cousin’s experience. I’m glad she was able to advocate for herself and her baby, doctors can be really pushy sometimes. Unfortunately I had some bleeding and cramping today which isn’t a great sign so I’m sure I’ll probably have another ultrasound either tomorrow or Monday.

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