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In the immortal words of Britney Spears…


Pretty much since the minute Theodore stepped into his daycare at 12 weeks, our house has been in a constant state of sickness.  After several days of taking cold medicine and waiting for AF to show up I started thinking back.  Hasn’t it been awhile since I’ve had my period?

Husband thinks no.  It wasn’t that long ago.  So a few more days go by and I start to feel some back pain which I normally do the day before AF shows up.  But the next day, nothing happens.

That day at work I accidentally take a double dose of cough medicine because I couldn’t remember if I had taken’t it or not.  Between having an infant and being sick, I haven’t gotten as much rest as I need, so forgetting if I’ve done something or not is pretty much a daily occurrence.

I started to think I’m 99% sure I’m not pregnant because 1) my ovaries are lazy as fuck and 2) it’s totally not unusual for me to be “late” as I sometimes go through periods of time when it’s super unpredictable.  But since I had been taking some cold medicine and sleeping meds that you really shouldn’t take if pregnant I thought I would take a test just to be safe.

So I take my little Theodore upstairs for his nightly routine – diaper change, pjs, milk and cuddles before bed.  Between milk and cuddles I decide to take the test quick and I settle into my comfy chair with kiddo.  Ummm…WAIT A MINUTE…is that positive?  Within seconds this is what showed up:


So I’m pregnant.  Super early pregnant actually according to my Beta pregnancy test (maybe 4-5 weeks).  Anything can happen and with my luck with pregnancies the odds are probably against me a little but I told myself after my last pregnancy that if I ever became pregnant again I could cherish it.

I would try not to live in constant fear of losing the baby.  I would try to love and cherish the baby from the first minute.  I would allow myself to connect with my unborn baby.  I would take bump pictures and make updates on how my pregnancy progressed.

So maybe this pregnancy will last 5 more days, or 5 more weeks, or 5 more months, or maybe I get another perfect little love to call my own.  Either way I will allow myself to love this baby.


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