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Is this the 90’s?

I saw this meme the other day and thought it was funny because it seemed as though everyone was talking about Pokemon Go and I was super out of the loop. After all I have a (almost) 6 month old baby and a full-time job. I’m busy!  Some days I’m lucky if I have time to shower.

I never got into the cards when I was a kid, I think I thought them too boyish at the time so I really didn’t know anything about what the game entailed but my husband came home Friday with Pokemon Go downloaded which got me curious…

Yesterday we had some running to do and I decided to look for Pokemon along the way.  I fully expected the game to suck and that I would delete it within a couple of hours.  Memory on my phone is precious with all the baby photos and videos I take so anything else really has to earn it’s place on my phone.

Long story short, our two trip turned into almost seven hours out and about.  We went to the UW Arboretum and walked around collecting Pokeballs (and a few Pokemon), then explored some neighborhoods near the zoo and ended up in a lakeside park.

Here’s a picture of our family enjoying Pokemon hunting at the arboretum today.

It was super fun to explore somewhere new with our son and we got a lot more exercise than we normally would.  So is it geeky? Yeah, sure it is. But it was the most fun and productive Saturday we’ve had in a very long time!

The Hubs and baby enjoyed the view from of the lake from the park. It was a gorgeous day to be lakeside and Theodore definitely appreciated the break from driving around. It’s probably a good thing we brought him with (not like we had a choice lol) or we’d STILL be out hunting!

I was feeling the hurt last night.  SO much walking!  Guess it just took finding something fun to motivate me to get out and get come exercise.


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