Baby, Theodore

Update on my Sick Baby

The Urgent Care doctor was right yesterday, it did get worse before it got better.

I ended up calling the nurse line again in the evening because Theodore wasn’t eating much, just a couple ounces after we got back from the doctor’s office and he threw up twice more and had diarrhea.  Poor sweet sick baby!  All in all I had 3 wardrobe changes yesterday and Theodore had 6 (including the two in the middle of the night).

Luckily the nurse was able to give me some good guidance, which included not feeding him any milk for 8 hours after the last time he vomits.  Apparently, baby’s little bodies can’t break down the protein in milk so Pedialyte helps because there is no protein but they stay hydrated.  I wish I would have thought to have some Pedialyte on hand in case he ever got sick but with him being so little I didn’t think he could have it yet.  So I had to drag my projectile vomiting 5 month old out to the store to get it.

Theodore being such a good boy waiting in his high chair for more sips of Pedialyte.

Surprisingly, he has been in such a good mood despite his sickness.  I mean no one would have blamed him for being crabby, upset, etc. but he actually spent a good portion of the day watching his puppies and smiling.  He also enjoyed all the extra cuddles, as did Mama.  Apparently, these stomach bugs are SUPER contagious, the nurse told me to wash everything he touched (and threw up on) in very hot water.  I won’t be surprised if I end up getting sick but all the cuddles were totally worth potentially getting sick.

Theodore was a little upset when he couldn’t have a bottle of milk before bed but he was so exhausted it still only took him a couple of minutes to fall asleep.  I kept waking up in the middle of the night to check the clock, fully expecting to hear a crying baby any minute but he actually slept until a little after 5am and didn’t get sick overnight!

He seems quite a bit better today.  I’ve been giving him small amounts of liquid at a time like 2-2.5 ounces, and sometimes I give him the Pedialyte instead of milk.  The little stinker makes me warm it up like milk!  He so lucky he’s cute!



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