First Foods

I was just sitting here thinking how different life is as a mom. I was always the person who saw baby photos on Facebook and kept on scrolling, I might have even hid a few people that got really out of control.

Now I’m the proud mom. I try not to share every moment of life with baby but getting to feed Theodore his first “solid” food seemed exciting enough to share with the world.

Last night we gave Theodore oatmeal for the first time. He was unimpressed with the oatmeal but decided spoons are a fun toy. Our second attempt was this afternoon. He liked the oatmeal but he’s still figuring out the swallowing piece. He definitely ended up with more on him than in him!  Especially since in his eagerness to get more into his mouth as quickly as possible he knocked the little bowl out of my hand.

This photo was taken about two minutes before he drenched his pants.  I learned my lesson though and the next batch I put his tray on the high chair, which managed to catch most of what didn’t end up in his mouth or on his face.


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