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A Memorial Day Weekend to Remember

Trust me when I say that my life in general and my relationship with my husband is not always sunshine and roses. But I do believe that we try to put our best foot forward in the name of love.  Some days we fall short of one another’s expectations and other days, like today, we knock it out of the park.

I love my husband every single day even when I’m so frustrated I can barely speak.  But today is a day that my love for my husband is so full it spills out all over.


Adam & Theodore / Memorial Day 2016 / Blakesburg, IA

My sweet husband, who is still healing from a very large blot clot in his leg, drove me and our 4 month old baby, 280 miles from our home in Wisconsin to my parent’s home in Iowa.  I haven’t gotten to spend more than a couple hours with my mom since the week of Theodore’s birth when she stayed at our house to take care of our pets.  We expected to have lots of time bonding with our baby and that she would have lots of time to get to know her new grandson but unfortunately he was not discharged from the NICU until 5 days after she had to go back to work.

Becoming a mom for the first time has been an amazing, life changing experience.  Now that I know how pure a mother’s love is for her child,  I find that I appreciate my mother so much more.  I wouldn’t give up a single memory I’ve made with my little family the last 4 moths but it’s been hard for me not getting to share any of these experiences with her because she lives so far away.  Maybe it will be easier in the future but this first year with our first child is a special, almost magical time for us, especially since we really thought we might never be able to have a child.

Looking back at my own childhood, my maternal grandparents were my favorite people in the world.  They still are my favorite people besides my husband and child so it breaks my heart that Theodore lives so far away from his grandparents.  I want Theodore to know his grandparents and love them and someday when I inevitably make him angry for cutting his sandwich the wrong way, or whatever sort of weird thing matters to small children, I want him to want to run away to their house.  Which is why it’s just been the most amazing experience the last few days getting to see them hold him, play with him, feed him, spoil him, and make him laugh and squeal.  It’s a memory that I will cherish always and a memory I wouldn’t have without such an amazing husband.



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