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I Hate You Broken Ovaries

Well it’s CD20 of a 30 day cycle and all the OPKs have been negative.  I think it’s safe to say my little experiment failed.

I keep hearing about how women suddenly become fertile after having a baby and apparently I am not one of the lucky few.  I dug out my OPKs from before my pregnancy and still had one month’s worth of the expensive Clearblue Easy ones with the smiley face.  They expire at the end of the month so I thought I  might as well use them up and see if I’m ovulating now.  I’m not apparently.

I kind of forgot how defeated I used to feel when I saw the little empty circle, day after day, cycle after cycle.  I guess the plus side is we don’t have to waste time or money on birth control but that’s a pretty small victory when you’d love to have a child.  We were advised to wait at least 6 months before trying for another baby so we are back to preventing for the time being.

When it’s time, I still have one month of Clomid left from last time around that I could a try if we decide we’re crazy enough to battle infertility again.  But not only did Clomid give me terrible mood swings and lots of physical pain around the time of ovulation, I developed huge cysts.  I was really, really hoping to avoid more Clomid.  Ugh, why do these doctors and nurses need to give me false hope?


2 thoughts on “I Hate You Broken Ovaries”

  1. Hey- I’m on day 24 without a positive OPK but I know my follicles are growing because I’ve been monitored! It just took a weirdly long time this month. You never know…

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