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Ahhh the dreaded Two Week Wait, why must we meet again so soon?  I know what you’re thinking.  Didn’t this chick pretty much JUST have a baby?  Yes.  Yes, I did.  Which is why I’m finding myself on the other end of wishing for the results for the first time in 4 years.

Don’t get me wrong I’d love to have another child someday…I think.  I really too sleep deprived at the current moment to say for sure.  P.S. it’s not even the baby’s fault.  He’s a pretty good sleeper for his age but I have been suffering from some pretty extreme insomnia lately.

Mostly I’m concerned about carrying another child so soon after my c-section.  It can be pretty dangerous if you get pregnant too soon both for the mom and the baby.  So needless to say this was not planned on our part…not that we were careless… but lets just say there was a birth control mishap of sorts.  It was actually almost funny, a story I’m not too bashful to tell, but my husband has those good ole Midwestern values were you don’t talk about what goes on in the bedroom, so for his privacy I’ll refrain.

Anyway, the chances of me being pregnant are pretty small considering that prior to my pregnancy I was not ovulating without the help of medication and I’m not entirely sure where I am in my cycle.  I have tried keeping track of my cycles so that if/when we are ready to try again I have the data but periods, especially the first period, after a baby can be pretty strange.  Going by when I think my first cycle started (it was very atypical and hard to tell if you can really count it) I’m probably just outside of “fertile” period.

I seriously doubt this pregnancy was a magic cure all for my infertility but increased fertility after childbirth is not uncommon.  When I asked the nurse at my doctor’s office if birth control was really necessary given our history she told me about a woman they treated that gave birth to triplets that were conceived via IVF and then she got pregnant again within 2 or 3 months after giving birth to them.  How crazy is that?  Can you imagine struggling to have just one baby and ending up with 4 within a year?

Also…the more I think about it I don’t know why I even asked.  Like my doctor is really going to be like, “No way!  You don’t need birth control.  Reproduce recklessly, you only live once!”


5 thoughts on “TWW?”

    1. Yes, being pregnant would be quite the blessing. I think I’m just too emotionally fragile right now to be able to handle it if we got pregnant and lost the baby. Not to mention I’d be dreading my doctor chastising me for not waiting longer. She’s talented at managing high risk pregnancies but she’s not a very nice woman.

      1. Well wait and see first as there’s nothing you can do until you know if you’re pregnant. Maybe it’s just your system is a bit messed up still.

  1. I understand emotional exhaustion. Just be kind to yourself during the wait if you can. I bet you’ll be ok 🙂 I’m sending positive thoughts your way. Also, I’m not on the other side of wanting a baby, but it’s ok that you don’t want to be pregnant right now. I think sometimes the I.F. community comes across as BE THANKFUL FOR A BABY ALWAYS… but that’s not real, or human. You know yourself best.

    1. Thanks. A few months ago I couldn’t picture a time when I wouldn’t be THRILLED for a baby, and if it happens we’ll be happy and grateful but this soon is kind of scary. Plus right now I just want to worry about being the mom Teddy deserves.

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