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Someone Take Away My Credit Card

Teddy- Month 2 Update Wearing one of only five outfits we purchased ourselves in size 0-3.

When I found out I was pregnant I imaged dressing my baby up in cute little dresses with matching headbands.  I hoped for a girl simply because baby boys clothes are pretty much awful.  What is with everything having either a zoo animal (usually a monkey) or a fire truck?

It only took a couple of days before reality hit and I realized there is a lot more to babies than cute clothes.  Really as long as my baby was healthy that was all that mattered.

We decided not to find out the sex of our baby ahead of time and I’m really glad we didn’t.  I had the most incredible reaction when I heard my husband say that our little baby was a boy.  Honestly I can’t imagine having a girl now.  I love my baby boy with my whole heart and I’m pretty excited to find some clothes that are too babyish for him.

Now someone take my credit card before my husband cuts it up!

On the way…


Mr. Steal Your Girl Onesie from Cozy Bee


Sweater from H & M


2 Piece- Raccoon outfit from My Baby World


Circo Triangle Pant from Target- OK these hubs will be excited about, they are similar to pants I’ve found and loved on Etsy that were a bit out of our price range and these are only $4.50!




9 thoughts on “Someone Take Away My Credit Card”

    1. We’re still on the fence about trying for another baby, it took us a long time to get pregnant with Teddy, but I keep saying if Teddy ever has a little brother…my husband thinks it’s funny how much I love having a boy now.

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