Life Postpartum



Today was my postpartum OB/GYN visit.  At nearly 8 weeks post baby I figured better late than never but seriously ALL I’ve done since having Theodore is doctor and nurse visits to monitor the wound from my formerly infected c-section incision.

To be honest the visit today didn’t really go the way I envisioned…

The OB/GYN that has been monitoring my wound briefly talked to me about birth control as she recommended waiting a year, or 6 months at the least, between pregnancies.  At first I kind of blew it off because I have anovulatory cycles, meaning lucky me gets my period every month but I don’t ovulate.  No egg = no baby.  But apparently for at least some women their fertility is increased for a period of time having a baby.

I was hoping to talk to the maternal-fetal specialist about how to wait awhile between pregnancies but still capitalize on possible increased fertility.  Basically she told me to get that out of head and to put at least 2 years between pregnancies since I’m still “not that old.”  I had to point out that at the age of 31 I’m also not “that young.”

If we were one of those lucky couples that had no issues getting pregnant I’d probably heed her advice but if it takes us another 17 cycles to have a successful pregnancy after waiting 2 years I’m adding advanced maternal age to the list of reasons my pregnancy might be considered high risk.  I really appreciated the other doctor’s perspective since she works mostly with healthy pregnancies and knows how it works for “most” women while the maternal-fetal specialist only works with high-risk pregnancies and is used to seeing the worst-case scenario which fortunately my pregnancy was no where close to.

I was also told I’m not a good candidate for hormonal birth control due to being overweight and having some pregnancy/post pregnancy high blood pressure issues. So ideally she’d like me to wait two years but my only birth control options are condoms (not fun for anyone), a diaphragm (gross), and an IUD (which I’ve had before and don’t want again).  So we’ll probably stick with our original plan of monitoring my cycles for the next few months and starting after 6 months.  So it’s back to the wonderful world of fertility apps, OPKs, monitoring cervical fluid, etc.


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