6 weeks old

IMG_0417I’m in utter disbelief that my sweet baby boy, Theodore, was 6 weeks old yesterday.  Thinking back on our journey to become parents it’s crazy that almost a year ago now, I had pretty much completely lost hope.  I really thought I might never become a mother, let alone have my own biological child.

This little boy completely melts my heart.  Last night he slept 7.5 hours, when I woke up on my own after 7 hours my first thought was parenting win, some solid sleep finally!   My second thought was I haven’t laid eyes on that sweet face in more than 7 hours and I miss him!  I’m so glad I get to have the next 5 weeks off of work to just love him and enjoy him.

I wish every parent could be in a position financially to really take a good chunk of time off when their baby is born and bond with them and just watch them grow.  We are far from rich but partially because we’re good savers when we need to be and partially because it took so long for me to get pregnant I was able to take the full 12 weeks off that I am allowed.  If US laws were better I would have loved to have taken off 6 months.


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