Baby, infertility

Painful Progress

Why does progress have to be so painful?

Today is CD 24 of my first of three cycles of Clomid.   Some women’s cycles get thrown completely off with Clomid and I am one of those lucky women (yeah right).

Yesterday was the last day of my vacation and I woke up in my hotel room in a very sketchy area of Louisville, KY and stumbled to the bathroom to pee on what feels like my millionth OPK stick.  I am fully expecting it to be negative and almost talk myself out of even doing it since CD 23 seemed way too late.

Much to my surprised after threeish minutes I was staring down at my very first smily face.  Even the month I did get pregnant last year I never had a positive OPK.  After my first two appointments with my new ob/gyn I was pretty unimpressed with him but I might have to reconsider my position after this.  The doctor told me a personal story about how his wife ovulates late, around day 22, so I tried to keep that in mind daily when I kept getting empty circles on my tests.

Today I woke up at 3 AM to terrible pain in my pelvic region and I knew it was ovulation time.  It’s a hard thing to wrap your head around when the thing you’ve been looking forward to for what seems like forever causes you indescribable pain.  The first time I took Clomid I was so thrown off by the pain I called a nurse hotline because I thought maybe I had ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome.

It’s times like these I wish my doctor was doing something to monitor my Clomid cycles.  Although the cost factor on a monitored cycle would greatly reduce the number of cycles I would be able to afford to do.  But I wonder how many follicles were developed and how many eggs were released.  Maybe there were several and that is why my ovaries are having such a hard time?

Regardless we should know the success of this round in the next two weeks, maybe even less.  It will a hard TWW but such is life.



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