Baby, infertility

This Cycle Dedicated to the Man in Black

Last week I actually COMPLAINED to my husband that AF was several days late.  Being that I’ve been trying to conceive for the past 15 months he found this very amusing.  The only thing more frustrating to a woman trying to conceive than her period is for it to be late when she knows she’s not pregnant.

I was hoping my CD5 start to Clomid would be last weekend Wednesday and instead it will be tomorrow which was kind of a bummer but the silver lining is this will make my “fertile” time over our vacation which is so much easier than trying to make time for sex at least every other day while were both working a ton.

We joked that if we conceived on this trip down South the baby’s middle name would be “Cash” if it’s a boy, after Johnny Cash and “June” if it’s a girl after June Carter Cash.  Can you tell I’m a fan of the Man In Black?

I’m so looking forward to some concentrated couple time doing one of the things we love the most: traveling.  I’m in need of romantic dinners, perusing museums, checking out new places, and maybe a little moonshine 🙂


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