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Fail Me Not

Last fall, after a failed Clomid cycle in October, my husband and I decided to put the baby stuff on hold until after our new insurance started at the beginning of they year.

November and December are already so busy with holidays and our wedding anniversary, plus I was set to start a new job and really didn’t feel like the added pressure of trying to meet with fertility specialists and time sex was something I needed to add to my plate.  However, we really wanted to get a jump start on things early in 2015 so I made an appointment with an ob/gyn the first week of January.

I was a little unprepared for the appointment and thought that getting a Clomid prescription would be as easy as asking for it, like it was with my old doctor.  But my new ob/gyn, Dr. H, thought there were some important things to do first which made very sick and totally hormonal me nearly burst into tears.  So I set up a follow up appointment for the first week in March, aka last week.

This time I was prepared and I knew that this doctor, who leans a little more to the holistic side, might give me a hard time about wanting Clomid.  I was very proud that I did not cry after he started to tell me he wanted me to wait a while longer.  I calmly explained that with insurance going the route it is and my husband’s place of employment recently being bought by another company, we have no guarantees as to what our health insurance will be like next year so time is of the essence.

So starting in March for 3 months I will be taking a 100mg dose of Clomid.  I’ve found myself actually looking forward to getting my period for the first time in a year and a half.  Like last time, I am finding myself hopeful for the future and a little bit blind to how sick and cranky it made me the first two times I took it.

Unfortunately it does not appear that this medication will be covered under our insurance, which caused our first fight for this cycle.  My husband and I have been unable to agree on how far we are willing to take fertility treatments, if necessary.  My husband feels that our money could be better spent on other things, while I feel that we are too young to give up trying to have a child and we haven’t exhausted the “low cost” options such as Clomid.

I spent my whole lunch on Friday trying to figure out the proper forms for my doctor to fill out and submit to insurance in hopes that we might get reimbursed for the medication.  It still doesn’t look like we will get reimbursed but more importantly I feel terrible that people with serious health issues have to spend so much time fighting with insurance companies for the coverage they pay for and deserve to get.

Luckily for me I could live without this medication and while it was not financially convenient it was a price I ultimately could afford.  There are so many people who are not as lucky.  I was looking at all the hoops you have to jump through to get medication for some pretty awful things like cancer.  This should not be a question in my opinion.  We should not make sick people spend hours on the phone between their doctor, insurance companies and pharmacies to get the medication they need to stay alive.

Likewise I am so frustrated that I, and so many other men and women, struggle with infertility and may never end up with a child for the simple fact that both infertility treatments and adoptions are so expensive.  In my opinion, mandatory infertility coverage should be required in all states, not just a few.  I really don’t understand how it is different than many other treatments that improve our lives.

My boss is very interested in holistic treatments and eastern medicine and we’ve talked several times about western medicine treats symptoms but does not solve the greater problem.  For example, if I went to the doctor and said I have been stressed, unhappy and feeling a lot of anxiety since I’ve started (unsuccessfully) trying to conceive they would give me an anti-depressant and pay for therapy but would not help me get pregnant.  How ridiculous is that?


5 thoughts on “Fail Me Not”

  1. I don’t know where you live, but go to Wal-Mart Pharmacy for Clomid! $8.00 script from Wal-Mart. It is on one of their lists or something. My ob sent me there.

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