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The past month has been full of ups and downs for me.  Saturday July 5th was the day that my husband and I found out I was pregnant.  I was so excited and full of joy that we finally conceived after 7 months of trying, thanks in large part to Clomid, which induced ovulation.

All week I’m been having “growing pains” as things stretched out in my body, or so I thought.  On July 12th I went into work for a few hours and those same pains were getting worse and much more intense.  The end of the workday came and I started booking it home, but during the 30 minute drive home the pain became almost unbearable, I began sweating uncontrollably and the pain was making me so nauseous I thought I was going to throw up.

But I managed to make it all the home where I realized that I had started to bleed.  Of course I immediately thought I was having a miscarriage so I called a nurse and she advised me to go to the emergency room.

Nearly 3 hours of blood draws, pelvic exams, and ultrasounds and I have very little answers.  It could be a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy, it’s too early to rule them out apparently.  My hcg levels were much lower than what they would normally expect at this stage of pregnancy but as I did the math I probably ovulated a full week later than what they believe I did and at this stage of pregnancy a week makes a huge difference.

The ultrasound did show a 7-8cm cyst on one of my ovaries which may have also been a cause of the pain. Really the doctor said it is a waiting game.

A couple weeks later and I’m all scheduled for surgery to have a D&C, the doctor recommended treatment for my miscarriage and an ovarian cyst removal. On the morning of my surgery I was called my the hospital and told that my surgeon was sick and the surgery would not happen that day. I called his office as soon as the opened that day and begged them to find a new surgeon but I was told they could do nothing and I had to wait for my doctor to feel better. Meanwhile the scheduled surgery for Friday, July 25th, two days later.

On Thursday, July 24th I had planned to go into work but I woke up with incredible cramping and back pain. I took ibuprofen which did not help. Then I took a percosect and called my doctors office to describe my symptoms: pain at a level 9 of 10 with pelvic/abdominal cramping, back pain, uncontrollable sweating even though the air conditioner was blowing right on me, nausea and the urge to go the bathroom but the inability to do so, almost as though my body was trying to expel something. I was advised by the nurse to wait until my surgery on Friday since the percosect did help a bit with the pain.

Friday morning hours before my surgery I woke up still in pain and even called the surgical unit to make sure it was ok to take a percoscet before surgery.

I wake up from my surgery to a medical student explaining I had an ectopic pregnancy and they had to remove my left fallopian tube and ovary. After all the struggles we’ve had trying to conceive it appears there will be more in our future.  One doctor’s negligence to factor in all my symptoms and rule out an ectopic pregnancy not only cost me a fallopian tube and an ovary it nearly cost me my life.

According to the medical student I should be thankful he caught it when he did even though 3 previous doctors expressed their concern for an ectopic pregnancy and I was referred to this gynecologist by one of them and he had the medical charts and ultrasounds done by the other two doctors.

Negligence is the only word I can think of to describe this. I don’t pretend it’s easy to be a doctor but their oath is “Do no harm.” If ectopic pregnancy was not able to be proven or ruled out by my ultrasound whatever protected my life best should have been the treatment plan but it was not. And in fact was never explained or given to me as an option.

It’s been both a physically and emotionally painful few weeks.  I just can’t wait for my recovery from surgery to be over so I can finally move on.


10 thoughts on “Negligence”

  1. Amanda, this is just heartbreaking. The infertility and loss are one thing, but the further losses are just numbing.

    I can’t begin to imagine what you’re feeling right now. But please know you’re not alone. While our stories are not mirror images, they have been written with the same pen.

    Here if you need,

    P.S. I can assure you you’ll find quite an amazing community of women/men here who have dealt with loss and pain that fall in each category on the infertility/pregnancy loss/neonatal death spectrum.

    1. Thank you Dani. I cried like a baby (no pun intended) when I read your letter to your husband on Father’s Day. It was so moving. Thank you for stopping by and I might check out some resources on pregnancy loss. Everyday it gets a little easier to accept but it’s still just such an awful experience.

  2. I’m so sorry you’re having to go through all that. I know it must be so difficult at this point but try to stay positive. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. Thank you Erin. I’ve been trying to keep positive and keep chugging along. Not that I didn’t know it already but this whole situation reminded me what a wonderful man I married and how thankful of that I should be.

  3. I am so sorry you had to experience something like that. My first and second pregnancies were a few long weeks of pain and bleeding before anyone could give me answers. If you need anything let me know : ) We are all here for support.

  4. So traumatic on so many levels. I see you wrote this post a few weeks ago; I hope you are recovering easily. I am undergoing treatment for ectopic currently but they caught it early enough to use methotrexate. At least we hope. I hope your future experiences are healthy and successful.

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