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Our Maybe Baby: Nutrition & Diabetes

Taking Control of my Health


Two  and a half years ago I went to the doctor after years of just not feeling well.  I wasn’t exactly sick but I was constantly tired no matter how much I sleep I got the night before.  After eating  I wouldn’t feel like doing anything.  I felt sluggish and generally unwell but not necessarily sick.  I suppose most people would go to the doctor at this point but it took me several years of living like this before I gave up and went to the doctor.

There are a couple reasons it took years to get me into a physician’s office.  To begin with, nothing major appeared to be wrong with me besides being tired often.  I attributed a lot of my problems to being over-weight and living an under-active lifestyle.  I also had a series of low paying jobs that had terrible insurance and the thought of spending most of the little money I made visiting a doctor made me just about as ill.

But life started looking up for me.  I moved to a new city and got a new job with pretty awesome insurance.  So I made an appointment for a yearly physical and talked over my concerns with my primary care physician.  After a few blood tests I had my answer.  Diabetes Type 2.

At the time I was terrified because I really didn’t know much about diabetes at all.  Fortunately, over the next month or so I was able to meet  with a dietitian and a diabetes education counselor and learned a lot more about my condition.  Like the fact that the body essentially turns carbohydrates such as potatoes and bread into sugar so they are just as important to control how much you eat of as cake.

At first I did so well with cutting out soda and fast food.  The first medication that was prescribed to me made me even sicker and didn’t  help control my blood sugar very well.  The next prescription worked very well for me and I became really lax with my diet and started slipping back into my old ways.  Before I got married and started to plan for having a family I didn’t care much what I put into my body.  I wanted cheap, I wanted easy, and that usually meant fast food.  But once we started preparing for conception I really got my life and diet in order.  It wouldn’t be just myself I’d be hurting if I didn’t commit to living a healthier lifestyle.

With dietary changes and medication I was able to lower my blood sugar levels to a 6.0 A1C, which is what the specialist recommended, in just 6 months.  I was so proud of myself and incredibly excited to be cleared by my doctors to start trying to make a baby.  I made additional cuts on alcohol, caffeine, and medications you’re not allowed to take while pregnant (like  Advil).  But after nearly 6 months of trying to conceive without success I find myself slipping back into my old ways when, in reality, it’s probably even more important to have a healthy diet when conception is not coming easy for us.

As a first step of getting back where I need to be I am challenging myself to:

1) Cut out soda again

2) Commit to eating a small breakfast everyday (I usually skip breakfast)

3) Eat more fruits and vegetables

4) Eat smaller portions of the carbohydrates I love

5) Have healthy snacks around (like low-fat string cheese and nuts)


I would love to hear how you are overcoming your nutritional/dietary struggles.  Maybe I will even find more inspiration to keep up with my healthy changes 🙂



7 thoughts on “Our Maybe Baby: Nutrition & Diabetes”

  1. After my two round of failed IVF with a surrogate, I changed my lifestyle. I read the book Eat Right for Your Blood Type (not crazy about my blood type) and it has completely changed my life. May not work or be for everyone but for me it saved me in many ways. Best of luck! Justine

  2. My fertility issue is what prompted me to see a physician and how I discovered I am insulin resistant courtesy of something called polycystic ovary syndrome. Per my physician’s suggestion, my goal was to lose a minimum of 25 lbs (10% of my weight) before I started worrying (again) about not being able to conceive. That was seven long months ago, and I have now lost 35 lbs. I have radically changed my diet and activity level! Not a moment of it is easy, but nothing in life is easy.

    My husband and I decided a month ago to take another radical step toward living healthy. We bought a juicer. I replace two meals daily with 16-24 oz of juice (40/60 vegetable to fruit mixture), and I eat high protein snacks like cottage cheese, nuts, and Greek yogurt 2-3 times during the day. I eat a semi-normal meal for dinner (no starches, no carbs unless they come from vegetables, and absolutely no preservatives). I finally broke my plateau at the 25 lbs mark, and I have lost 10 lbs doing this. The juicing makes me feel very energetic, too.

    It definitely isn’t for the faint of heart, It is intensely gross some days, but I am drinking juice from things you could NEVER get me to eat! The variety in my diet is better than ever.

    My tips for you:
    1. Be vigilant with your label reading/comparing. Just because something is “Low-Fat” or “Fat-Free” does not mean it is a healthier choice for you. I notice often that the low-fat or fat-free products have a
    higher carbohydrate content than the products that are not low-fat or fat-free. Natural fats, like in nuts or lean meat, are easily used by the body, and the body doesn’t convert these fats into glucose.
    2. Find yourself a personal cheerleader! A friend/family member that understands what the healthy choices will mean to your hopes and dreams can be invaluable!

    Good luck to you! You can do it! I’m excited for you on this journey!

    Mindy Minix

    1. Thanks for the tips Mindy. I’m not sure I’m ready to give up solid food yet but it sounds like a really great way to eat some fruits and vegetables that I normally wouldn’t eat on my own. When I gave up drinking soda last year I lost like 15 pounds in the first month. Hopefully I am able to do that again I’m sure the OB/GYN is going to suggest I lose some weight before getting too concerned.

      1. It is definitely a change, and the first two weeks were the hardest for us. It undoubtedly isn’t for everyone.

        Lots of well wishes to you and your significant other!

  3. I love the quote “If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food.” I feel 1000x better when I eat healthy food. It also helps to get pumped about it! Find new recipes and get creative!

  4. Holy cow, sugars and carbs were the hardest for me to kick. Ive learned to (mostly) replace them with healthy fats. Who knew a delicious avocado kale salad could give me the same satisfaction as a chocolate treat? I also recommend kombucha- my fav is black chia (chia is a great superfood too) by synergy.
    My diet changes happened to have my baby at home. I needed to be healthy for this to happen so my midwives had me keep a food log and made suggestions to keep me from having gestational diabetes. It all worked out well! Food is the best medicine 🙂

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