Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans…

Two weeks ago, I was sitting on my couch watching tv with my husband, petting our dog and talking about all the things we want to do on our Great Smoky Mountain camping trip the following weekend.  While arguing over whether we had the time to make the four hour detour to Atlanta or not, Adam stopped me and said he thought he felt something weird on our dog, Phoebe.

I flipped Phoebe over and cradled her like a baby, a position she completely disdains and did not hesitate to  let  it be known.  She did indeed appear to have some sort of lump on her chest.  Of course we did the first thing that came to mind and googled it.  Pictures of “mammary gland tumors” flooded my screen.  Of course, I was completely freaked out and insisted that our vet squeeze us the very next day.

The vet confirmed it was indeed a mammary gland tumor.  The good news about these kind of tumors is that, in dogs, they are only cancerous about 50% of the time.  But being a 29 year old woman with no children, my dogs are really my babies.  They are my family and not my pets.  Ok.  Every once in awhile I do remind the puppy that she is my pet and, as such, must endure my petting even though she would rather being playing…or rather chewing on just about anything she can get a hold of.   I digress…we scheduled Phoebe’s surgery the same day, knowing full well that we could really only afford the surgery or the vacation we had planned.  Unfortunately, the Smoky Mountains and my bucket list are going to have to wait.

So last week Thursday we took Phoebe back to the vet for her surgery.  Everything went well on the day of the surgery.  They believed that they got the whole tumor and she came out of anesthesia perfectly, which was a concern since she is almost 8 years old.  Yesterday I heard back from  our vet that they had received the biopsy results back.  They did indeed get the whole tumor and it was benign!  So today we celebrate!  Me, probably with some New Glarus Raspberry Tart (only sold in Wisconsin, sorry to all of you poor people that might never get to taste this delicious beer) and Phoebe with a sort of interesting carrot flavored frozen treat we received in the pup’s first Bark Box last week.

Now that we know there aren’t any more tests or chemo in our future we can go ahead with rescheduling a Smoky Mountain trip, hopefully for the late summer/early fall.  My goal is to accomplish at least 5 things on my bucket list before the end of the year and a Smoky Mountain/Atlanta trip would make doing that much easier.


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