I <3 Corgis

I know I put own a Bernese mountain dog on my bucket list but being that I live in a two bedroom condo that I already share with my husband, his cat, and my dog it’s really just not feasible for us to get one right now.  But we have been talking for at least the last year about getting a puppy.  We both love dogs and we’ve never really had the experience of raising anything together so we thought why not?  With any large breeds out (smallish home, no fenced-in yard) we started brainstorming.

It turns out that both of us had separately thought about getting a corgi before we even knew each other.  After a few more weeks of searching for breeders we finally found a really nice farmer that had some Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies.  So we drove to a rural Wisconsin town to “take a look” at these adorable little creatures.  I should have known we’d end up with one for sure I can barely exit the local pet store without finding a puppy I just have-to-have.

So home with us came our new puppy, Nora.  Being that corgis are a herding breed this little girl is both smart and sassy.  She’s not afraid to give us a few barks when she doesn’t feel like we’re paying enough attention to her, no matter that we just spent the last half an hour trying to train her how to lay.  Which, by the way, I think she finally got today.  Proud mama for sure!

Bonus: If you like cute corgis as much as I do check this out!


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