40 Before 40

So I know I’m not even 30 yet but being only weeks away from my 29th birthday would give me little over a year to accomplish all the things I’ve been waiting my whole life (so far) to do.  With limited time and even more limited funds I’ve decided look past the milestone of 30 for the moment and set 40 goals to accomplish by the time I’m 40 years old.

1. Have a baby- Admittedly I thought this would be the focus of my blog when I first considered writing this blog but now it seems like such a narrow focus.  Yes, it is a huge part of my life at the moment but there are other things I want to do and accomplish and this list might actually let me relax about the baby stuff for a moment a focus on some of those other things.

2. Camp in all of the Wisconsin State Parks with camping facilities- My husband and I have a decent start on this and since we adopted a 1973 Stardust Swinger pop-up camper last summer we might make camping more of a priority this year.  Update to come later.

3.  Go Scuba Diving

4. Create a blog-  A couple of years ago I took a class called “The Art of the Memoir” in which we read & reflected on memoirs.  As part of the class we were also required to write a memoir piece.  I was dreading having to read what 20 years old consider important events in their lives but for the most part they surprised me.  It is incredibly hard for most people to open up and let themselves be vulnerable to people they barely know.  Since then I have often thought of doing more memoir pieces but have not had an outlet…until now!

5. Go on a cruise

6. Tour a southern plantation

7. Take a hot air balloon ride

8. Travel to Italy

9. Drink wine in Napa Valley

10. Get a tattoo with my husband

11. See the Northern Lights

12. Take yoga classes

13. Eat at a famous restaurant- Perhaps one of Tom Colicchio’s?

14. Take a helicopter ride

15. See a psychic/get my palm read

16. Swim with dolphins

17. Go whale watching

18. Buy a piece of art I fell in love with

19. Learn to drive a stick shift

20. Buy a house

21. Swim in an ocean

22. Create family traditions

23. See a baseball game at Fenway Park- I’m not even a Red Socks fan but it’s so iconic

24. Go to Disney World

25. Admire the art in the Met

26. Tour a castle

27. Spend a day at a spa

28. Go to Rocky Mountain National Park

29. See the Smoky Mountains

30. Own a Bernese mountain dog

31. Visit the Georgia Aquarium

32. See the Pandas at the Memphis Zoo

33. Learn another language

34. Be an audience member on a t.v. show

35. Travel to New Orleans

36. Pay off my student loans

37. Ride in a limo

38. Take a graduate level course

39. Try acupuncture

40. Read or reread 50 books between now and my 40th birthday- Reading is a hobby I have enjoyed since a child but rarely make the time for anymore and that needs to change.


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